Synthetic Turf Sand

Synthetic Turf

Our dried and graded (0.3mm-0.6mm) Synthetic Turf Sand is designed to provide support for synthetic turf bristles keeping them upright whilst blending into the background and anchoring the turf to the ground. 

Absorb Synthetic Turf Sand is washed to remove any clay, dirt, and dust, providing cleaner, dust-free working conditions for surrounding properties. It is kiln-dried to assist with clump-free placement and easy spreading. The sand is passed through a sieve and graded to the optimal particle size of 0.3mm-0.6mm for artificial turf, ensuring no oversized particles or shells are included. Oversized particles can sit on top of the turf causing aesthetic issues and potential damage to the blades. The dried silica sand is a natural tan colour to naturally blend into the background of turf. 

The above qualities ensure Absorb Synthetic Turf Sand is an easy-to-use product that anchors artificial grass down whilst keeping grass bristles in an upright position for natural-looking turf. By anchoring the turf and supporting the grass bristles, the turf will remain attractive with no tears for a long time. 

Absorb Synthetic Turf Sand is the first choice for specialist contractors and is ideal for use in large residential, commercial, and government projects, including resorts, high rise pavements, tennis courts and specialist sports fields. The variety in available packaging options ensures delivery to any site, including those with difficult or limited access options. 

Synthetic Turf Sand is supplied in bulk tipper loads, 1 tonne bulk bags and 20kg bags which can be stored safely outside with no impact from the weather.



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20kg bags.

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