Filter Nozzles

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The options from our nozzle range are too many to count; no matter the thread, slot size, length or installation method, we have a Filter Nozzle that will fit.



What is a Filter Nozzle?

More selection
Let Absorb It Ltd open up your options. As the New Zealand distributor of KSH nozzles we give you instant access to the largest range of nozzle types, slot size, air scour tubes and flow characteristics available – plus adapters and accessories.

More Expertise
Technical assistance is as close as your telephone. We’ll provide you with specifications and accurate information about nozzles for any treatment or filtration application.

More Materials
Will polypropylene, glass fibre-reinforced polypropylene, Kynar (PVDF), or a stainless-steel combination work best for your needs, objectives or budgets? Our wide range of nozzle choices can make a material difference in the cost and performance of your system.

Filter Nozzles 101

Material types and screen slot width.

Filter Nozzles 102

Nozzle geometries and mounting methods.

Filter Nozzles 103

Proper pressure drop design.

Filter Nozzles 104

Tailpipe construction for air scour application for monolithic or steel plate underdrains.


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We can supply a full range of Stainless-Steel Filter Nozzles, Top Hats, Hubs, Headers and Laterals.


Filter Nozzles

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